Thursday, October 06, 2011

Don't Mess with My Pumpkins!

  Fall decor is lovely... until it gets stolen!! Grrr! Last night, my husband came home from an evening meeting to find one of my lovely pumpkins (previously residing on our front porch) smashed in front of our next door neighbour's house. I'm positive it wasn't my neighbour's doing. Likely some passing kid thinking it was funny. Don't get me going. Just let me start & finish by asking you to please teach your kids to respect other people's property. I will stop my rant there.

  I'm trying to just forgive & move on. But to protect my remaining pumpkins from harm, what can I do? I thought I might carve something like this into them...

What do you think? Perhaps throwing some explosives into the mix would help as well?? 

I'm trying to enjoy my day. Enjoy yours!


  1. love it!  the same thing happened to us last year... and so far I've been too sad about it to put out pumpkins this year. :(

  2. GatheredinthekitchenSunday, October 09, 2011

    Oh no! But I do love your pumpkin idea! HAHA! 


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