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Welcome to our home! Thanks for coming to visit! Stay as long as you like & make yourself at home. :)

Five years ago we purchased this home. It had been pretty neglected & whoever who lived here in the past had been not-so-great crafty. Oh ya, this house was a piece of work. But we were excited about the challenge & knew we could turn "her" into something beautiful.

It's taken us this long & it's not quite done yet. There are a few things left to be done. But since when is a house ever "done"? We're very happy with our progress thus far & I'm happy to be able to share it with you all.

Click on the room title to view each post in full. 

Living Room:

I'll be adding more rooms as I blog about them. Stay tuned. :)


  1. you have
    a lovely home
    that has obviously seen
    a lot of elbow grease

    i was cruising pinterest
    for some map lamp shades
    and saw your post

    cute cute!


  2. Love the HONEST before and afters, like yours... such simple changes... such BIG results. Did you do your own hardwood floors? I'm in the market, but there are too many choices... too many prices... I don't know where to begin! I got here from your lampshade post as well! Merry Merry and all that jazz! Debbie (

  3. Love the before and after pictures; very inspiring! Great job! I'm a new follower and a newer blogger and love what you're all about.

    God bless,


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