Monday, April 16, 2012

What Is Keeping Me Busy These Days

  Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you relax & enjoy some warm, spring weather; do spring cleaning; create something lovely; or something entirely different? 

  I had the pleasure of spending some time with some dear friends on Saturday. It was a fun time that involved Starbucks, shopping, & lunch. 

  Here in Saskatchewan, the days are getting warmer the weather can't decide what it wants to do. Should the sun shine or should it snow? We've had snow the past 2 days. The trees are getting thick with buds anyway & I'm longing to see the first hint of green on the branches, but that will come soon enough. I must remind myself of the blossoms of May that are on their way. 

Things are still busy around here although Easter is over. My kids had this past week off of school & we kept busy with:

  • Dentist appointments (no cavities for either kid - yay!)
  • Grocery shopping - I've been going through the fliers & "shopping the deals". It requires some more planning & driving around, but we're seeing a difference in the grocery costs. Perhaps I'll do a post about this soon.
  • Going through the kid's toys, books, & puzzles - cleaning, organizing, & making piles of what they no longer wanted to keep. 
  • Posting the kid's items for sale on Kijiji. They have both already made a good amount of money & they plan to save their earnings for spending money on this summer's trip.
  • Doing some spring cleaning. My list is coming along bit by bit. This weekend, we washed all the bedding & curtains.
  In the midst of all these tasks, we have had some rest & relaxation. I got to sleep in here & there & get in some reading. It's been a nice Easter break.

  Stay tuned for a little thrifty makeover & some new scrapbook layouts later this week.

Enjoy your day!

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