Friday, February 08, 2013

Insta Friday #3

This week's wrap up...

Valentine's Day is well on it's way, along with the kids admiring all the love day goodies in the stores.

This is Audrey's "Can I have it, Mom? Can I pleeeeeease have it?" face.

Last weekend I went scrapbooking with some dear friends. We consumed large quantities of Starbucks & chocolate while we were at it. What could be better? Wait, we thought of something better... being on a cruise, scrapbooking with friends, & having Starbucks & chocolate! Don't you agree??

 (And yes, the weekend was Epic. "We ARE the focus group." Haha, you had to be there!)

A week isn't complete for me without doing some baking. This week I tried a new recipe: Peanut Butter S'more Cookies. YUM!

It feels like the crazy cold days of winter are finally behind us. We actually had above 0ÂșC temps this week! That, along with seeing the sun gives a person hope that Spring is on it's way.

I went for a lovely walk by the river with my Mom in the warm-ish weather.

This week also brought out the chess board. Parker challenged Audrey to a game (she had never played before), saying, "We'll play until you win, okay Audrey?" And guess who won the very first game? Audrey! I'm pretty sure Parker expected to have to play a few games.

Enjoying the warm weather & my new red coat!

After going to the car wash several times this week & seeing really long lines, I finally made it there when there was only one person in line! We finally have a clean car!

How was your week??

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