Friday, June 14, 2013

Insta-Friday #21

School's out for the summer!!

Woot, woot! We're all really excited around here. 

We have all kinds of fun plans, most of them to take place around here since we're not venturing away from home for very long this summer.

Today was supposed to kick off our 3rd annual park tour (simple idea, but really fun: visiting a different park every week, preferably one that we've never played at before), but it's pouring rain here so that plan will have to wait until the gloomy weather clears up. 

Instead, we'll do some reading, play some games, & maybe bake some cookies.


On to the look at our week via Instagram...

Last Friday consisted of a lot of shopping - groceries, plus a whole bunch of gifts for birthdays, teachers, & Father's Day.

Here's where I ended up for the Father's Day gifts...

I'd never been in by myself. I was a little overwhelmed, but I think I picked out some great gifts.

On Friday night we went out for supper with some good friends. The very fun, laughter-filled evening was topped off by peanut butter pie (which was amazing!).

Me, drinking in the sunshine (even when I'm driving around town). :)

When I'm driving around town, I like it when this light turns red. I never get tired of this view.

Note to self: Get a car wash - the windshield is dirty.

Wednesday was my kid's elementary class's year end party. Since I volunteer in CCA's elementary class on Wednesdays, I was happy to party with the kids while I was there. We took a walk down to the river (not far from the school) & had lunch & a scavenger hunt.

The afternoon held a huge water fight!

The kids (and staff!) got drenched. I took photos of the water fight so I didn't get all that wet, I was just hit by a few stray sprays of water & one very purposeful shot in the back!

Yesterday was a fun day - the very last day of school for the year! The kids were out at noon, so I had some fun alone time in the morning. I spent an hour at the thrifty & came out with a haul! I'm definitely ready for some summer crafting! I'm planning on creating with my sewing machine this summer.

My haul included: lots of vintage linens & embroidery, a vintage suitcase, a milk glass vase, a vintage pyrex gravy boat, & two small blue vintage glasses that match a set of large blue glasses I inherited from my Granny. I was very excited to find those since I've never seen those anywhere else before!

On my way into my hair appointment after the thrift store, I was admiring the fresh green shoots that are emerging on the evergreens around town.

With an hour to go before picking up the kids from school, I got myself a treat from Starbucks.

Just a little advertisement: try the Berry Coffee Cake. It's delicious!

After school, I had promised my kids a celebratory Orange Julius. 

A round of Piña Coladas was had & enjoyed.

The rain kept going last night so we had a little marshmallow roast inside with some unscented candles.

I bought these crazy coloured marshies thinking they would have different flavours, but they all taste the same. They sure look fun though!

And that concludes the look at our week.

I hope you've had a good one too!

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Enjoy your day!


  1. Looks like a fun week! Your vintage haul is amazing! Have a great weekend!

  2. Smart idea to roast marshmallows inside, I've never thought to do that! We still have a week left of school before camp starts, I'm looking forward to changes in our routine!


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