Thursday, November 03, 2011

Birthday Card Bliss

  Birthdays... they come every year without fail. They seem to be coming more often the older I get. Why is that? My birthday isn't for another month, but just posting these has me thinking about my upcoming birthday... I think I'll throw myself a party... But seriously, what lady wouldn't enjoy getting a hand made card for her birthday? I know guys aren't always appreciative of this kind of thing, but ladies usually are, right?

I stamped that flourish with brown ink, then used Stickles to "colour" it in.

  Have you got a birthday coming up? Are you doing anything exciting to celebrate?
I'm thinking of adopting my friend Sarah's birthday tradition. 
She invites all her girlfriends out for lunch (last time we all went for sushi). 
We just talk & get to have some fun, girl time. 
I think that would be pretty perfect.

Enjoy your day!

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