Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Books

  I have an affinity for old books. I love how they cozy up a room & call to a me: "Open me up. Discover another time. Learn about another culture."

  I have some favourite authors I keep my eyes peeled for when I am looking at second hand books. L.M. Montgomery, Jane Austen, & Charles Dickens to name a few. Hardcover classics catch my eye. The colourful fabric covers with the metallic titles.... Mmmm. My favourite one of all? My copy of Heidi as seen in the top photo, second book from the left. Just the way it looks makes me smile. The vintage-y fabric is so cheerful.

  And they just plain look good on a book case. :) I've also used old books as part of a display on a side table or dresser. They usually add just the right touch.

  Speaking of bookcases... Remember that little postal scale I bought on my vintage shopping day last week? Well, it now holds a place of honour beside a stack of books on my book case. I quite enjoy it.

Side note: the fun 60's photo effect on the above photos is available here.

This week's papercrafts tomorrow! Woot!

Enjoy your day!


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