Friday, August 05, 2011

Cupboard Makover

This spring I took this little cupboard from my childhood that my dad had made for me. It was well "loved," shall we say, after years of being used by me & then for years in my mom's day care. My daughter, Audrey, is now at the age where she's full fledged into playing pretend. What could be cuter than a little cupboard to play kitchen or restaurant with? Especially if you've seen the prices of those plastic sets you can purchase at toy stores, etc. 


It's amazing what a couple coats of paint & some new hardware will do!

Paint: Beur Interior Satin Enamel in Ultra Pure White from Home Depot
Hinges: Canadian Tire
Knobs: Ikea

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  1. That's a pretty special cupboard - what a great gift for little A! You are so beautiful, so it's really no surprise that beautiful things are the result of your handiwork.

    We're moving our 2yr old to S. Korea next week. If you'd like to keep up with our experiences over there, you can follow my husband's blog at He's the creative force in our family. :}
    Blessings to you and your family and to your little lady who has a nifty, "new" cupboard.

    -Tamara Liebenthal


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