Saturday, August 06, 2011

Congratulations cards

To my friends, it's no secret that I love to papercaft. I enjoy both card making & scrapbooking. To those of you who are not into papercafting, bear with me. Not all my posts with be on this subject. :)

As I said above, I like to scrapbook. But when you are finished a scrapbook layout, you inevitably end up with a pile of... you guessed it - SCRAPS! This is where card making fits in perfectly. I enjoy gathering a pile of scraps & challenging myself to make some cards with my leftovers. The result varies. Let's face it, not every work is a work of genius. There are those that after I'm done, end up in the garbage... they're just that bad. But more often than not, the result is something I'm proud of.

Here are two such cards.

These were super easy. They are just two strips of papers layered on each other (the narrower strip over one wider strip - just breakin' it down for those of you who may not know the papercrafting lingo. Trust me, it's extensive.) with a pretty stamped image in the bottom corner. Easy & pretty, right? And, let's face it. We don't always have a whole afternoon to dedicate to making one super-detailed-use-every-trick-in-the-book card. Most times, we have little bits of time to create. And it's very rewarding to get something finished in said time frame. :)

Products used:
Cardstock, Stamp, & Ink - Stampin' Up!
Patterned Paper - My Mind's Eye


  1. very nice, I am now following looking forward to see what else you come up with

  2. So so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations!


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