Monday, November 25, 2013

The Story of a Vintage Dresser #DIY #Makeover

Happy Monday, friends!

Today I have a story to share with you. 

I like to call it the Story of a Vintage Dresser...

One summer (this past summer in fact), a young lady (that would be me) was looking for a new dresser for her master bedroom. The thing is, she wanted something original & with a bit of character.
AND she didn't want to spend a load of money.

Not asking much, was she?

Enter the superhero, Kijiji.

While browsing Kijiji's furniture selections one day, she came across this old gem.

The bones were great, but it needed to be brought into this century. 

After purchasing it for $80, now began the work of updating this piece.


Adding legs & a coat of primer...

One coat of grey...

The second coat of grey...

New handles...

And she's done & in her new home!

The End. :)

One last Before & After...

I love the lines of this piece & am super, super pleased with how it turned out! 

One little tidbit that you may or may not have noticed: After putting on the new handles & living with the dresser for a week or so, I noticed that the bottom right handle looked a little different from the rest. After looking a little closer, I saw that sure enough, that handle was the antiqued version of the handle style I had chosen. It must have gotten mixed up in the wrong drawer at Home Depot. I have since replaced it with one that matches the rest.

Just keeping' it real. :)

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Enjoy Your Day!

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