Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mini Sheet Music Wreath Tree Ornaments

Do you make your own Christmas tree decorations, buy them all, or maybe mix it up between the two?

I like to mix it up. 
This year I'm changing up my colour scheme from silver & blue to silver & turquoise with a shot of red.

These little sheet music wreaths hung on your tree are the perfect way to feel like your craftiness contributed to your Christmas decor.

What you will need:
-sheet music (i like to use vintage because of the "yellowed" look)
-a hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
-cardboard cut into circles
-a printer to print the word "joy" or some letter stickers
-glitter glue
-ribbon to hang them

Start by cutting the sheet music into rectangles. Roll the rectangles, making one end narrower than the other. Use hot glue to secure the narrow end.

Continue making the rolls until you have enough to form a wreath shape.

Print the word 'Joy' in your favourite font on your printer. You will want two - one for each side of the ornament. Mount onto the cut circles & trim around the circle with scissors.

Working on the back of one of the circles, first glue a loop of ribbon to the centre so you will be able to hang your ornament.

Next, take the rolls that you've made & start gluing them to the back of the circle. I find it the easiest to make a cross with 4 of the rolls - think north, south, east, & west - then fill in the gaps. You may have to squish the ends down as you glue them to cut down on bulk.

After you've glued all of your rolls, glue on the second circle so both sides look the same. It also covers up all that hot glue. :)

Now, use whatever colour glitter glue you like to add glitter to the ends & around the middle circles. I like to use Stickles because the bottle has such a fine tip that makes it easy to apply.

Let dry.

Now you're ready to hang them on your Christmas tree to enjoy all season long!

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Enjoy the Christmas Season!

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