Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Light Bulb Snowmen - A REAL Tutorial

  At the end of November, I posted some pictures of a Christmas craft I had made with my mom & sister-in-law a few years ago - Light Bulb Snowmen.

  My sister-in-law, Jodi, offered to take some pictures of her next batch & she ended up providing me with a very nicely detailed tutorial. A very special thank you to her for that!! Right now, she's not a blogger, otherwise I would totally link you to her blog!

Here are her awesome instructions:

"Use an old shoe box and make holes to put bulbs in.  This makes the spraying and painting process so much easier.  

Spray lightbulbs with Acrylic sealer so paint will stick to glass.  

Paint bulbs with Acrylic paint.  I do 2 coats for best coverage.

The Finished bulbs.  I tried an iridescent paint paint, but realized I needed to do a first coat with white paint and then the iridescent as it didn't cover well on its own.  

This is the paint I use.  

I lay out all my felts and pom poms to coordinate.  The large pom poms are for ear muffs, the little ones for noses.  One colour will be the hat, the other the mitts and trim or whatever you wish!

I roll the bulb onto the felt to make a template for the hat. 

Put hot glue on the metal part of the bulb and wrap the felt around.   

This is the strip for the trim.  Again put a bead of hot glue on the hat felt and wrap the trim around.  

Tie string or yarn around the felt so that it is tight.  I coordinate my string to match my colours.  

Carefully cut the hat felt into strips.  Do not cut into the tie as you will cut it apart. 

It ends up looking like a funky toque!

Take a smaller piece of felt and fold it.  Cut a mitten shape out of the folded felt so that both mittens are the same size and shape.  

Use the large pom poms for ear muffs.  Attach with hot glue.  

  Use googly eyes and the tiny pom poms for noses.  Attach the mittens with hot glue.  You may also want to attach a saying or mini decoration to the front of the bulb.  

  I attach a string to the mittens and wrap it around the back.  This makes it look like the mittens are connected. 

The finished product!!  Enjoy!"

Thank you again to Jodi for putting this tutorial together for me! Aren't these so cute?!

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. It's always fun to make something beautiful out of something we all have around. I just threw away a light bulb yesterday!

  2. These are just tooo cute and look so simple to make!  What a great way to recycle your burned out light bulbs too!

  3. These are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!


  4. what a great use for old bulbs!!! Those are too cute!!! ... please come and share it over here...

  5. These ornaments are so cute! Thank you for sharing!


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