Friday, March 22, 2013

Insta Friday #8 & #9

Wow, I have had a couple of crazy weeks! 

Let me give you an update...

Two weeks ago, my family & I went to the Home Show here in Saskatoon. The kids went into it not really wanting to be there, but we told them to just keep a good attitude & they would be blessed. Wow, were they ever! They got tons of candy, colouring stuff, got to jump on a trampoline, play a wack-a-mole wii game, were given balloons & mini footballs. Those businesses sure knew how to treat the kids!

I enjoyed this cool grey sectional couch & gorgeous entryway.

My friend, Laura, & I were both sporting our spring colours for church on Sunday.

Early that week, my son was having some tummy issues & he stayed home from school for a couple of days.

After his tummy settled down on the second day, we went out to do a couple of errands.

We ended up 4 stories up at the Canadian passport office to have out passports renewed. The sky was so clear that day - unlike this week's weather!

While we were downtown, I needed to stop at City Hall. There, Parker found the outdoor speech area where he pretended to give a little speech to his imaginary audience. Future Mayor, maybe?

And since it's far from being warm enough for flowers in our flower beds 
(look at all the snow in the above photo!), we have to settle for potted flowers from the grocery store.

A little inspiration for last weekend's scrapping weekend...

To explain the scrapbook weekend: My sister-in-law organizes a huge school fundraiser every March. It took place last weekend & I helped her set it up on Thursday. We needed fuel! Starbucks to the rescue!

Once the weekend got underway, I worked on more layouts for our Disney scrapbook.

The fundraiser was a huge success! I'm already looking forward to next year.

That Saturday afternoon, a couple of us took a break to go watch our kids play basketball, & I'm proud to tell you that they won their championship game!

Those were a bunch of proud kids (and parents too)!

I'm enjoying these new bracelets from Old Navy.

My little girl was playing around on our piano earlier this week. I think it's time to get her into some piano lessons!

Wednesday: Happy first day of Spring! Crazy Canadian weather... 

My husband spent some time shovelling snowdrifts off of the roof in blizzard-like conditions.

Thursday evening was homemade pizza & family game night. It came down to the wire & my husband won the game by one dollar!

I'll see you back here really soon!

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