Friday, March 01, 2013

Insta Friday #6

It was a busy week here in the Richardson household. My husband, James, turns 40 today (Happy birthday, sweetheart!) & I seemed to have a bunch of prep work to get ready for the big day.

But let's start at the beginning.

Last weekend, I baked up one of our favourites - Chai-spiced loaf - for our church's coffee bar. 
Our church friends seemed to really enjoy it! Yay!

I also worked on a fun card order for a sweet lady.

On Monday I had a huge to-do list! 
I like to do some of the little, easy stuff first so I feel productive right off the bat. Anyone else do that too?? ;)
Amazingly, I finished the whole list that day. But I'm still working on Tuesday's list. I guess it all equals out, hey?

Our kids were working on a play that they had written & wanted us to stay away until they were ready.
The little guy going down the stairs, crossed out is too funny!

And after the play (which was sort of like Home Alone - lots of pranks) was over, they took a bow. :)
 Don't let their unsmiling faces fool you, they were simply tired of bowing over & over until I got a photo.

Yesterday I picked up a few things I needed for James' birthday cake. I let him peruse my Pinterest boards & choose one that he wanted me to make. Chocolate Dr. Pepper cake it is!

My little man, Parker, was so ready for a haircut, but I just hadn't had time to cut it myself. Off to the mall we went after school. It was a treat for him AND for me! He got a trendy cut that looks super cute on him.

While at the mall, we picked up some birthday cards for the birthday boy's big day. This bag made me smile.

I hope you've had a great week too!

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Enjoy your day!

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