Thursday, December 08, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree(s)

  I have a question for you. Do you decorate your Christmas tree the same way every year or do you like to switch it up a bit from year to year? In the past, I've done it pretty much the same from year to year... mostly silver & blue, but with the kid's colourful ornaments added in too.

My tree a couple years ago.

  This year, I was able to purchase a small white tree for our family room which my daughter decorated with the kid's ornaments & my nutcracker ornament collection.

  That left my big tree for the living room. It's the first year in a while for me to have an "adult tree". It looks even more sophisticated this year with the addition of some dark navy ornaments. In certain light, they even look black or charcoal. Pretty sophisticated. I like.

It is SO hard to get good photos of a Christmas tree. Have you noticed?

My favourite ornaments are probably the nature inspired ones:

And whooo could resist these sweet owls?

What are your favourite ornaments from your Christmas tree?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I change my tree up every few years.  It usually takes me a few Christmases to gather ALL the decorations until I'm happy with the results.  I love color!  So this year I have lime green, peacock blue, red, green, gold.... with tons of feathery birds, owls (yay for owls), butterflies....  I like lots of different textures too - leafy, feathery, beaded, shiny....  it's so fun to see the tree take shape!  I omitted garland this year and really like the result.  Your trees are gorgeous Steph!  Love your color choices, and of course, the 3 owl brothers.  :)


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