Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Heart Day!

These love-inspired layouts are ones that I created last spring.
The sweet photos are from a Valentine's shoot my friend, Allison, did with my daughter, Audrey.

Paper from the Echo Park "Little Girl" Collection

Paper from the Echo Park "For The Record" Collection

Paper from the Echo Park "Be Mine" Collection

They still make me smile. :)

Enjoy your love-filled day!


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  3. You say that comments make your day :)  So here I am making your day (lol.. jk).  I found you via the Linky Party Hop and wanted to say hello.  I'm Diana from AnyoneCanDecorate.blogspot.com.  I like your blog and have joined... Hoping that you can come check mine out and join too if you like!  Blessings, Diana

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