Monday, February 13, 2012

Flea Market Finds

  What an enjoyable weekend I had! I hope you did too. :) 

  A couple of friends joined me in a trek to the long awaited, bi-annual flea market on Saturday. We were able to find a few treasures among the throngs of people & tables of curiosities. Sadly, I wasn't able to find anything from my wish list, but here's what I came home with...

A vintage step stool - in yellow & chrome, no less! Score.
I've been wanting one of these for a long time. 

An old post card from my favourite place (even though I've never been there) - Paris! 
It's postmarked 1925 & has a beautiful patina.

The elephant statue intrigued me since I have never seen it in any photos of the Eiffel Tower before. From the little research I did, the statue is no longer there, but has been moved to the Musee d'Orsay. 

I'll be looking for a frame to put this little gem on display.

And last, but not least, I found two vintage turquoise Pyrex bowls. 
There was a lot of Pyrex at the flea market, but these were the only turquoise pieces I saw. 
I'm so glad I snapped them up.

Was there any thrifting, antiquing, or flea market shopping in your weekend? Yes? 
I would love to hear about it! Please leave me a comment & tell me about your treasures.


  On another note, you may have heard that Google Friend Connect (the way a lot of you follow this blog - on the right side bar) is going bu-bye for non-Blogger blogs as of the end of this month. Rumour has it that eventually it will stop for Blogger too. I'm just trying to be proactive & adding this new way to follow sooner, rather than later.

  So, if you follow Silver Boxes or would like to, you can now sign up to follow it under LinkyTools. Signing up is SUPER fast & easy. I promise - under 5 minutes. It's actually a really neat way to follow your favourite blogs - I've gotta say that it organizes them really well. You should check it out if you read multiple blogs. 

Have a wonderful Monday!
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  1. Nice Stephanie! I bought that green vintage suitcase and a cream vintage poloroid camera! :-)

  2. Found your adorable blog via the Linky Blog Hop! I'm following you, now! Hope you can come visit my blog at Thanks!

  3. Great finds.  Love, love, love that yellow stool.  I found a similar one that was red in the fall and have been using it all over the place.  

  4. Hi Steph! I am jealous of those bowls. The turquoise color is perfect. I have been on the hunt for my own vintage Pyrex, but I want to get a good deal. 


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