Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tips for removing wax

  Have you ever splashed wax from a candle onto your coffee table? If you have, don't despair. It's very easy to remove from hard surfaces.

I did a little visual for you. (You're welcome.) :)

1) Spilled/splashed wax - Oh no! Wait until it hardens.

2) Get out your credit card or any plastic card & start scraping. It's just like scraping your windshield in the winter.

3) The wax comes right off. If there's a bit of wax residue, use a bit of soap & warm water to wash it away.
Super quick & easy.

  Another candle tip: If you like votive candles, but not the wax that is left over after they burn down, just take the candle holder that has the left over wax & put the whole thing in the freezer. Leave it there for a few hours. After it has frozen solid it will pop right out. If there is any wax residue, wash with warm, soapy water or if  your candle holder is dishwasher safe, put it in the dishwasher. Wa-la! Pristine candle holders once more! Be warned, however, that if your candle holder is wider at the base that at the top, you will have to break up the wax after it has frozen before it will come out. I use a paring knife to break it into a couple of pieces. If you try to force out the whole chunk of frozen wax you could break your candle holder, as I did once.

  I'm still working on how to get rid of wax from fabrics. I don't have that one down yet. :) I will let you know if I ever figure it out. If YOU know, PLEASE share your wisdom!

 On another note, our youngest child, our daughter Audrey, has her first day of school today. I'm having mixed emotions. She is absolutely ecstatic!

  I'm looking forward to sharing my bulletin board project with you tomorrow! I hope to see you then.

Enjoy your day!


  1. To get it out of fabrics, or carpet, cover with several layers of paper towel and run a warm iron over it, you may have to do it several times, but the wax should absorb into the paper towels.


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