Friday, July 19, 2013

Insta-Friday #26

Wow, it's Friday already! And first off, I have a question for you all: 

I just made up our next week's menu plan & was wondering... Is menu planning something that you do? If not, would it be something you would like some help with? Would you enjoy seeing a weekly menu plan on the blog with links to recipes?? I'm interested in your thoughts!

And now... welcome to another Insta-Friday! 
I filled you in on last weekend's festivities earlier this week & you can check out that post HERE.

Oh, and before we begin, you will see that I'm in serious like with the Rhonna Designs App
If you are an Instagramer, GO. BUY. IT. 
I think I like it because, for me, it's like creating a little scrapbook layout for every photo you use. 

After the big birthday barbecue on Saturday, Sunday was a quieter day. After church & my weekly Sunday afternoon nap, I got in some much needed creative time. Working on a card order was like therapy. Loveliness!

Monday morning brought us the first morning of a two week session of summer swimming lessons for the kids. I love the turquoise of the pool. It's such a refreshing sight every morning.

On Tuesday morning we had another beautiful morning at the pool...

After the kid's swim, we headed over to the gorgeously treed park across from the street from the pool. This is what a park should look like. The people who live near this park are so blessed to have such a lovely view! 

This park had an old school playground, complete with an old metal slide. 
Do you remember wearing shorts on these old slides when it was hot outside? Burnt legs!

"Awesomer" has long been a favourite word of mine & I use it often. So when I saw that Rhonna had used it in her app, it sure made me smile!

A big highlight of my day on Tuesday was the grand opening of our first two Target stores in Saskatoon! I have to say that I was really impressed! It was almost everything I had hoped for. 
Note to Target Canada: We need a scrapbook/craft isle! (I just took a moment to comment on their Facebook page before I forgot.) ;) The prices are a bit higher than Target U.S.A., but I expected that, since Canadian prices are always higher. I'm seriously looking forward to stalking the clearance sections in a few weeks. I'll be a regular, for sure!!!

My first trip to Target resulted in one purchase: a new shower curtain! And a chevron/hexagon shower curtain to boot. The greens match our green bathroom walls so perfectly! I had wanted to paint the bathroom for awhile now, but this shower curtain has breathed new life into this room & I love it again!

This week, I've really been working on getting exercise into each day. For too long I've been letting the days go by & thinking that things would magically come together "tomorrow". 
It was always tomorrow.

I'm getting real with myself & making physical activity a priority in my schedule. 
"If not now, When?" is my motto for this summer. 
I've even included it each day in my daily iPhone to-do list. 

I'm not letting the days slip by anymore before I make something of them!

Enjoying the Psalms...

On Thursday afternoon, we were planning to go to the pool with friends, but it was pouring rain. 
Plan B: Despicable Me 2 with friends. It was so cute & we all really enjoyed it. 
The songs at the end were my favourite. Laugh out loud funny!

When we got home from the movie, the sun had come out & it was hot & muggy.
We dug out some balloons from birthday parties gone by & made some water balloons! 
The kids got wet & I managed to stay out of the line of fire long enough to get some photos.

It's been a great summer week for us. I hope it has been for you too!

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Enjoy your day!


  1. I'm off to get that app NOW! And I love your green surroundings! We have lots of brown in southern Arizona!

  2. Wow! Yay for Target!! :o)

    What app do you use to make your beautiful photos? Is it on iphone? They are just lovely.

  3. I'll have to check out that app for sure! // Hooray for Target! It's my favorite Minnesotan export. // I'd be interested in menu planning. I try to do it, but don't have enough time to do it well. // Have a great week! xoxo

  4. We are coming to Saskatoon in August from Vancouver Island as that is where my husband's family is from. I hope the weather stays nice and sunny! We may have to check out that pool :)


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