Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pass It One Project - And a chance for you to participate!

  Several months ago (I'm so behind on this!), my bloggy friend, Amy from One Artsy Mama asked me if I would like to participate in the "Pass It On Project".  As soon as I heard the details I was on board! 

  Here's how it works:

  The person who invited you to participate (Amy, in my case), sends you two handmade items. One is for you to keep, the other is to give away to a friend.

  Then, you choose two bloggy friends who would like to participate & send them two handmade items, which they will keep (the first item) & give away (the second).

  When that's all done, you blog about it & have a little show & tell about what you got & what you passed on. 

  Amy sent me these adorable fabric bracelets:

I kept the grey one that I'm wearing (and wear a lot!) & gave the turquoise one to my friend, Jennifer. 

For my passing on, I gave Mandy @ This Girl's Life some of these felt pinwheel gift toppers...

As well as throwing in a little bonus - some thanksgiving/fall place cards.

If you're wondering where the second person in the project comes in, that's where I need your help! 

I contacted several other lovely bloggy friends, but none of them were able to participate. :( 

If you are:
1) A blogger
2) Crafty
3) And want to participate

Let me know by email or just leave a comment! I'd love to send you some of these goodies too!!

I'll randomly pick a friend based on the response I got on Friday!


  1. Hey Steph, I'd like to participate!! I have a blog and am pretty crafty, as well I LOVE to swap stuff so this is right up my alley!! Passing things on to someone else is so much fun, and besides those felt pinwheel gift toppers you made are soooo sweet, I'd love to have some!!
    Stay Inspired!
    ~Elysia @


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