Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Nut Jar Upcycle

Can you guess this little container's humble beginnings? 
Well, you likely already have because of the name of this post. :)

But in case you skimmed over that part & really are wondering, it all started with a little almond jar like this.

After we ate the yummy almonds, I kept the little jar thinking it was a great size. But what to do with it???

I finally just started playing, not really having the whole vision when I started. 

Here's what I did:

1. Paint the lid black with craft paint.

2. Cut some patterned scrapbook paper to fit the jar. 

3. Apply the paper with Mod Podge.

4, 5, 6. One by one, layer the tabs on the bottom of the jar, using Mod Podge on top of each one. 

7. Apply a layer of Mod Podge over the entire paper surface. Let dry.

8. I learned how to make rolled paper flowers using this tutorial. I made 3 bigger ones & 3 smaller ones. Apply with hot glue. 

Now to figure out what to do with it now that it's all prettied up... any ideas? 

I'm thinking it would be great as gift packaging with a sweet little gift inside (maybe jewelry?).

Please share your ideas as to what you think I should do with it! :)

Enjoy your day!
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  1. Perhaps with a sweet Easter Gift in it? Very cute, i love recycling :)

  2. Very cute... and yes it would make a great gift package!

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  4. adorable!!!

  5. How CUTE is this project?! I love the flowers on top!

  6. Wow, youa re so creative! I love it - would make a great gift box!  You can send it to me ;)
    Stopping by from Sunday blog hop...
    Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun.com

  7. PincushioncreationsWednesday, March 07, 2012

    This is soooooo pretty! Would love to have you share this at my party going on and maybe even become my newest follower :)

  8. How sweet!  Love the paper flowers!  They just scream spring!

  9. Such a great idea!  Love the flowers on top.  Just adds that finishing touch!

  10. very cute and clever! love the music paper!! thank you for linking up to Uncommon !  Bonnie ;)

  11. Aw, you could put some sort of easter candy in there!

    I would love for you to follow my blog too so that we can share ideas!Your newest follower,Val @ http://cookcraftcrocheting.blogspot.com/

  12. Hi 
    Stephanie, I'm Connie @ 
    http://hotflashncraftn.blogspot.com/.  I saw your flower project on a linky party.  Very Cute.  I'm now your newest GF and LF friend.  Stop by and be my friend, too.

  13. How cute! Amazing how an almond jar can be turned into something cute!! New follower, hope you're having a good weekend!=)

  14. Love, love, love this!! So cute! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm your newest follower :)


  15. Oh, what a fun way to reuse packages! So cute! 

  16. 2yellowbirdsdecorSunday, March 11, 2012

    That can is darling! I love the paper flowers on the lid! Super Cute! Thanks for sharing this as well at Thursday's Temptation.

  17. Adorable and original - love this!  Thanks for linking up - please come back again this week as well!
    Stacey of Embracng Change

  18. Cute idea.  Thanks for linking up to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” We would love to have you back!! -The Sisters


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